How to Get a Cuba Sim Card for Tourists

Cuba SIM CARD for tourist, cellphone internet

The availability of internet access in Cuba is rapidly improving, with an increasing number of public WiFi locations and hotels offering it. Some international mobile providers have agreements in place with Cuba to allow roaming, but this option may be costly. An alternative is to purchase a tourist SIM card in Cuba, which will allow you to access the internet while on the move and at your convenience. Here is everything you need to know about obtaining a tourist SIM in Cuba.

Here’s how to get a Cuba Sim Card

You can buy a tourist sim card online in advance and collect it on arrival. You can also buy a Cuban tourist sim card at the Jose Marti Havana airport(you need to pay online first). You can't buy a tourist sim at ETECSA offices, only online you can pay for the sim card.

The easiest way to buy a tourist sim card in Cuba

The quickest way to get a tourist sim card in Cuba is to pre-order it for collection at Havana Jose Marti Airport terminal 3, the stand is located at Concourse C in front of where the luggage is collected, is open the 24/7. The sim card can also be collected at Varadero, Cayo Coco, Camaguey or Holguín Airports or at any ETECSA(Cuba cellphone company) offices around the country, but they’re better set up for collection at the airport. You can buy it . here.

What options are available for the tourist sim card cards in Cuba

The available SIM Card for tourists currently includes:

  • 6Gb of data
  • 100 SMS
  • 100 minutes
  • Valid for 30 days

What is the cost of the Cuban tourist sim card?

The current price of a Cuba tourist sim card including the initial 6GB, 100 minutes and 100 SMS is 35 USD.

Can the Cuban tourist sim card be refilled / recharged?

Yes, it is possible to recharge the Cuban tourist sim card, the available plans are:
  • 10GB
  • 20GB
  • 50GB
You can recharge the tourist sim card here.

Where to pickup your tourist sim once in Cuba

You can pick up the card at Terminal 3 of the José Martí airport, at the Etecsa stand in Concourse C of the airport, right after passing immigration, Cayo Coco airport, Camaguey airport, at Holguín Airport, or at Varadero Airport at the CubaTur office or in any of the commercial units of ETECSA.

You’ll need the code that you were sent when ordering and they will put the SIM card in your phone for you. The SIM works for 30 days from activation.
tourist simcard cuba

Where can I pick up the tourist sim card in Varadero?

There is an Etecsa/CubacelTur stand at Varadero Airport and is open 24/7

However, in case of any kind of difficulty you can go through one of the following ETECSA offices and pick up the Cubacel Tur sim there:

  • Commercial Office. 30 Varadero Street. (8:30am - 7:00pm)
  • Commercial Office. 42nd Street. Varadero. (8:30am - 7:00pm)
  • Commercial Office. Hicacos: 44th Street in Varadero. ETECSA Office in Hicacos Shopping Center (10:00 am - 10:00 pm)
  • Commercial Office. Plaza América: ETECSA Office in Plaza América Shopping Center. Varadero. (8:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.)
  • ETECSA Minipoint. Calle 53. Varadero (8:30 am - 7:00 pm)
  • ETECSA Minipoint. Boulevard Varadero (10:00 am - 10:00 pm)

Can I pick up the tourist sim card in Holguín Airport?

There is an Etecsa/CubacelTur stand at Holguín Airport and is open 24/7

FAQs on Cuban Tourist Sims

Do all cell phones function in Cuba?

Your phone must be unlocked and capable of operating in:













To utilize the mobile datain Cuba, do I need to make any special settings?

To use the Data of your Cuban Tourist SIMCARD you must configure the nauta access point on your phone:
  • Name: nauta
  • APN: nauta

Can I keep my Cuban SIM card active longer than 30 days?

No, the sim card only functions for a 30-day period. A Cuban Tourist SIM card cannot be kept for more than 30 days.

Do calls made to the Cuban tourist sim have a cost?

No. On this sim, receiving calls domestically or internationally is free of charge.

Can I reload the Cuban tourist SIM?

Yes, you can recharge data plans on the Cuban tourist Sim, but you cannot add additional minutes or SMS.

Where can I topup or recharge the Cuban tourist sim?

You can reload the tourist sim card here.

How can I find out how many minutes, SMS, and megabytes of data are still on my tourist sim?

From your tourist sim card dial the code *222*887# to check what data, minutes and SMS allocation you have left on your tourist sim.

Other important notes and information about the Cubacel Tur SIM CARD

  1. What is this service?

    This service consists on the purchase over the internet of a cuban temporary mobile line that includes: 6GB + 100 Minutes + 100 SMS.

  2. Who is this service for?

    It is designed for tourists who visit the island for a short period of time. For your purchase you need to have a foreign passport.

  3. How can I buy this service?

    You need to create an account in our site: after that go to Menu option Buy CubacelTur SIM Card.

  4. Can I purchase this offer in a commercial unit of ETECSA?

    No. This offer will only be available on our page:

  5. Can you buy this offer while in Cuba?

    Yes. It can be purchased through our page : using credit cards, debit or Paypal account according to the case.

  6. Once the purchase has been made, where can I pick it up?

    You can pick up the card at Terminal 3 of the José Martí airport, at the Etecsa stand in Concourse C or D of the airport, right after passing immigration, or at Varadero, Cayo Coco, Camaguey and Holguín airports or in any of the commercial units of ETECSA.

  7. If I couldn't collect the card at the airport, what can I do?

    You can go to an ETECSA business unit to collect it.

  8. What characteristics must the phone have to be able to use the service?

    To use the service, your phone must be unlocked and operate in:













    To use the Data you must configure the nauta access point on your phone:





  9. What can I do if my phone does not allow me to use the service?

    If you have any problems with the service, you can call the customer service numbers: 52642266 and 118.

  10. Is it a promotion or is it a permanent offer?

    CubacelTur is a new service that will be permanently available.

  11. What is the price to obtain the service?

    The price is $ 34.99 USD.

  12. How many services can a customer buy?

    There is no limit. The client will be able to acquire the service every time he enters the country, as long as he does not have more than three active lines at the same time.

  13. Is the line permanent?

    No, the line is temporary. It is valid for 30 days from its activation with the call to * 666.

  14. Once in Cuba, if I no longer want the service, can I cancel it in an ETECSA business unit?

    No. If you have not collected your card because you no longer want the service, you must make the claim with us.

  15. When the basic package is finished, will I be able to recharge or purchase new packages?

    Yes, you can purchase additional data packages that are available in our service

  16. What is the price of the additional packages?

    10 GB

    $ 20.00

    20 GB

    $ 35.00

    50 GB

    $ 70.00

  17. If I buy an additional data package, does it add to what I have left?

    Yes, if you have MB available and purchase an additional package, the new Data is added to the existing Data

  18. If I buy an additional package, can I extend the life cycle of the line?

    No. This line is temporary, so it will only be available for 30 days, it cannot be extended even if you buy the additional packages. These will only increase your Data.

  19. Can I receive national and international calls?

    Yes, you can receive national and international calls.

    You should be aware that calls received from a national mobile number and international calls will be free of charge; while calls received from a national fixed number will not be free of cost.

  20. Can I make national and international calls?

    Yes. You can make national and international calls as long as you have available minutes.

  21. If I run out of minutes, can I buy more?

    No, you can only purchase additional Data options, not minutes.

  22. If I ran out of SMS, can I buy more?

    No, you can only purchase additional Data options, not SMS.

  23. What should I do in case of loss or deterioration of the SIM?

    In case of loss of the SIM you can request it in any commercial unit of ETECSA, where you can also make the change of it if you require it. In both cases, you must pay according to the current price in the official rate and in the authorized currencies (CUC, CUP).

  24. Before the line expires, can I transfer the MB, minutes and SMS that I have available?

    No. The MB, minutes and SMS that you have cannot be transferred.

  25. Can I change my phone number?

    No, the number change service is not available for this type of offer.

  26. Can I pass the line to a friend?

    No. The line cannot be transfered to another person.

  27. How can I check the MB that I have? How can I check what time I have left for the line to drop?

    Through the query * 222 * 887 # you can know the MB, Minutes and SMS available and the end date of your offer.

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